Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Day After

Today, we expected that Jenn would be doing better, and we were correct. Again, it will make more sense if I put this blog in the form of a time line:

8:15 AM - We arrived at the hospital to visit. Of course, Jenn points out that we are 15 minutes late. She said she was not feeling very well and asked us to leave. She ended up getting sick and they gave her Phenigin to relieve her nausea. So, since this stuff puts her to sleep, there's no sense in sticking around, so we head off to Starbuck's and Margot's house.

11:25 AM - We arrived back at the hospital and she was sitting up in a chair. She had also walked up and down the hallway a couple of times. She really wants her catheter removed. A call is in to the doctor to get it removed.

12:45 PM - Jenn ordered her first meal, which consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich and pudding. While waiting for her meal, Jenn got nauseous again. The nurse gave her more medicine to settle her stomach.

1:15 PM - Jenn ate her meal with no problem. After she finished she got back in bed to take a nap so we decided to leave her alone.

2:15 PM - I went in to check on her and she was sound asleep so I decided to let her be and headed to the waiting room.

4:00 PM - I went back into the room again and she was awake, but she was still in bed. The nurse came in and informed us that she was officially a "floor patient" which means she is not hooked up to any more machines. However, she is still in the ICU. The reason is because there are no beds for her to move to. Jenn was okay with this, however, because she is ensured of having her own room until being moved. There are three other patients that are awaiting a regular room. We are unsure about when she will be leaving the hospital.

5:30 PM - Jenn orders her dinner (mac & cheese and ice cream) and Margot and I are sitting there with Jenn. She seems to enjoy Margot's company more than anyone. Perhaps this is because the three of us talk about regular things as if we weren't even in the hospital. Also, she knows that we will be staying with them once she leaves the hospital so she wants to be nice to her hosts. Jenn was tired after eating dinner, so the entourage goes to dinner at BJ's (yes, there is a BJ's here in CO).

7:50 PM - We arrive back at the hospital to see Jenn one last time for the day. Jenn's mom was anxious to see Jenn, so right at 8 we went in to see her. Jenn was awake, but she wasn't in that great of a mood. Jenn's mom stayed in for about 5 minutes then left to let Jenn's aunt come see her. She just wanted to say good night to her, then she sent Mom back in. Mom said goodbye to her, and then about 5 minutes after Mom left, I decided to leave and let Jenn rest (which seemed perfectly fine with).

Hopefully Jenn will be feeling even better tomorrow and will walk around more. She needs to walk around because it will help in her healing.

Also, I want to thank all of you for all of your concern and prayers. Jenn will really appreciate it (once she actually gets to see it!)


lace1070 said...

Thanks for posting the updates on Jenn ~ I have been keeping her in my prayers. It sounds like she is in good hands in Colorado and on her way to recovery. ~Lace

Unknown said...

YAY! I'm so glad Jenn's recovering well...and I love your writing, Will.

Kim Thomas said...

Thanks for the updates

Ann said...

Thanks for the updates, Will. Keep 'em coming.

Rachel said...

Will you are the best. Thanks for keeping us posted. We miss her at the office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Will for keeping us well informed. Jenn has trained you well. I am glad she is doing well and getting back to her usual self. I miss her a lot... make sure she knows that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! I am glad she is going well. I will keep her in my prayers. Tell her "Her crack dealer cant wait to for her to get back to work with the green stuff when she returns." She will get it. hahaha

Thanks again for the update.

- T.I.M.A

Anonymous said...

Will thanks for the updates, they are very helpful. Scott and I have been thinking of Jenn a lot over the past few days. Momma Fuj (Jean) missed you all at baseball this week. She sends her love too:-) Give Jenn a big kiss for me. I will see you when you get home. Love you, Kat and Scott

karinski said...

Glad to hear that all is well. we miss you guys. And you will be missed at the annual Big Bear trip this year. hugs.

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