Thursday, October 4, 2007

Medicine Mix Up

I know that headline sounds bad, but it is probably the best way to describe today. I didn't do a time line because my Blackberry's battery died, plus I spent a lot of time in the room with Jenn today, and electronic devices are strictly prohibited.

I arrived at the hospital a little after 8 this morning, and Jenn was resting in bed. She wasn't feeling that well. I noticed that her IV needle had moved from her left hand to her right arm, which was really bugging her. The doctor came in, and he was asking how she was feeling. She had gotten pretty sick last night after I left. The doc pretty much nailed it as to why she was getting sick. She was taking Percocet for pain (and my mom would tell me later that pretty much everyone gets sick from that). So, they switched her to Vicodin and that seemed to do the trick. They made Jenn order breakfast so she would have some food before she took the Vicodin. They wanted to leave the IV needle in just in case she needed the Phenigin for her stomach. Jenn was not happy about this. This was compounded by the fact that had she been switched to Vicodin yesterday, she probably would have been out today! Hence the medicine mix up, get it?? :)

About 10 AM, Jenn got out of bed and she walked up and down the hall. This made her feel better almost instantly. She ended up sitting down and walking around most of the day. She was able to even walk out into the waiting room the entourage has gotten to know so well. The doctor came in and visited with her briefly, but said she couldn't take out the IV needle until 5 or 6. Also, he didn't mention any time line as to when she will be able to be discharged from the hospital. Jenn was not very happy about having to leave the needle in.

While the doctor was in, they removed the bandage exposing her stapled head. It didn't look as bad as I thought it would. I have a picture, but I will not be posting it until I get the go ahead from the patient.

At about 4:45 PM, Jenn's day was made: the nurse removed the IV needle from her arm. That was about the happiest I have seen Jenn since her surgery!

I went and got Burger King for Jenn for dinner, which she was happy about. The hospital food for the patients is not as good as in the cafeteria for some reason. She ended up eating most of the chicken fries I got for her.

At about 6:30 PM, Jenn wanted to get back in to bed so she could see the television. By this time, she was extremely bored and really wanted to get out of the hospital. Shortly after getting to bed, Jenn went to sleep, and I ended up leaving the hospital at about 8:15 PM.

I am glad people all of you are satisfied with my blogging. I strive to upkeep Jenn's high standards when it comes to blogging. Hopefully Jenn will be able to make an entry tomorrow night. I am pretty certain that she will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job informing us.Jenn would be proud!Cann't wait to see you guys!

Rachel said...

Thanks Will! Glad to hear Jenn should be getting out tomorrow.

Ann said...

So glad she's doing well. You're doing a fabulous job of blogging, Will. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Yay...freedom from the hospital for Jenn soon!!!

Rachel said...

I heard you got out. Margot just called. Yeah!

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