Monday, October 1, 2007

Pre-Op in CO

I feel obligated to summarize the last three days because I have a feeling that after the good drugs I'll be on tomorrow, things may get a little "fuzzy". So, here you go...

Saturday -
We landed in Denver about 2:30 PM and Margot picked us up. We went back to the Hart's beautiful house and started cooking dinner while Will tried to get Rockies tickets for that night. Margot made her mom's chili (with a little improvisation) and left me with the task of making cornbread from scratch. All turned out edible and quite tasty and then we headed off for the stadium.

Totally scored with free parking in a semi-residential area and took the random photo found here.
We then hiked all the way around the stadium getting our tickets from Will Call and then to our seats in far left field. It was a good game and the Rockies won against the D-backs - YAY!

We went "home" to the Harts and went to bed.

Sunday -
Slept in ridiculously late. Margot (aka Rachel Ray in training) made us delicious caramel apple cider and baked banana nut cranberry bread - also very tasty. The Hart's had various commitments, so the hubby and I headed off in the Mini Cooper to explore Highlands Ranch aka find all of the nearest Starbucks!

About 3:00 Margot returned home and then drove us to take photos for our Christmas Cards (planning ahead - besides, this way I can address them all while I'm sitting at home). After our photo shoot we went to Aaron's work and had caricatures drawn of us...neither couple looks remotely close to what we actually look like, but they were free and good for a laugh. (He actually works at a retirement resort and they were having some sort of event for staff and residents.)

We had tri-tip, strawberry spinach salad, and garlic bread for dinner with another couple. The girl had just had eye surgery, so Aaron's prayer before the meal went something like this: "Dear Lord, we pray for Jamie as she recovers from eye surgery and also for Jenn as she has brain surgery on Tuesday." We couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic and depressing that was. Margot made Apple Cobbler for desert which was tasty even though she disagreed and promised that she'd make it again for all of us next weekend. Oh Darn!

Most important thing to note thus far: Margot is an excellent cook!!! I highly recommend staying with a friend that can cook pre- and post-op!!!

We played a game of Sorry! and went to bed.

Monday -
Starbucks and then off to the hospital for my appointment at 10:00. They did all of the lab work and I met with a nurse for all of the pre-op questions and we were out of there at 10:30!! Seriously LOVE The Medical Center of Aurora!

Went to Target to get slipper socks and a comb. Yes, I selected the bunny slippers and the cow jumping over the moon. :) Got Margot's must read book "Twilight" from Barnes & Noble and then met Margot for lunch at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli (meatball sandwich on wheat bread = VERY tasty!).

Went back to the Hart's packed up the necessities for the next few days (staying at the hotel right across the freeway from the hospital tonight - Will's going to stay here until I'm out of the hospital/when my mom/aunt/uncle leave). Back to Starbucks and then to Dr. Oro's office for my 2:00 appointment. He went over the MRI and surgery with us (again for me, first time for the hubby). Decided that he wanted a CT scan for his road map tomorrow and asked his poor scheduler, Shelly, to get one done before my surgery. It was then 3:00 and my surgery is at 7:30 AM tomorrow. Like the trooper she is, Shelly calls the radiology department and listens to them LAUGH at her. Then they make an appointment for 4:00 - how cool is that?!

I'm kinda excited that I had the CT scan. Since June 29th, I've had, 4 MRIs, an EKG, AND a CT scan. If I had to pick one, I'd go with the CT scan - it's quick and quiet.

Dinner at Chili's with the Harts and my mom and aunt. Margot has been referring to it as "The Last Supper" which I find much more humorous than "my last meal" as I've been calling it. Queso and Cajun Chicken Pasta = YUM! Leftovers go to Margot for lunch tomorrow.

Now we're sitting in the Holiday Inn and I'm trying to get sleepy so that I go to sleep soon. I've got to be at the hospital at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Ugh, that's early!!!

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, happy thoughts, comments and text messages. Will (aka the hubby) should be on here nightly with updates until I'm back to blogging.


Bianka said...

Can we see pictures of the icky gory stuff?? :) Best of luck tomorrow, I hope you are nice and comfy! XOXOXOXO

Jenn Ann said...

LOL - this is why I love Bianka...I have to post the icky gory stuff separate because several family members and friends are "sensitive". I will however share them with you.

And I forgot to add on my blog that the nurse that drew my blood today sucked! I NEVER bruise and I have a bruise that hurts. I was also reminded that I have lots of needle scars like I was a heroin addict at some point. Obviously I wasn't. They are from my appendectomy when I was 10 and they drew blood ever 2-4 hours around the clock for 2 days.

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